Minnie Jacobs

A lot of our clients eat out on more than one occasion throughout the week. This may be for social events or business dinners. How frequently this happens can make it difficult for someone to stay on track with Personal Training Canary Wharf. So how should you ensure you stay […]

Why You Really Workout

Minnie Jacobs

Gyms all over the world are filled with millions of people, spending billions of dollars on looking better. You know what the problem is with that? Absolutely nothing! I say it in consultations all the time… If there weren’t aesthetic benefits to working out, no one would do it. Okay, […]

Gyms in Fort Lauderdale Fitness

Minnie Jacobs

Addicted yet? Gyms in Fort Lauderdale no-nonsense approach to fitness penetrate every aspect of our thinking. It influences everything from the equipment we select, the staff we employ, and the classes we provide to the snack bars we sell. The fitness industry is full of fads, but in the end, […]

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