Signs Of Water-Damage In iPhones

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For a good recovery of you iPhone, you’ll obviously require original Water-Damage In iPhones service centers comprise of certified iPhone repair experts.

Unapproved and third-party parts might be designed and developed incorrectly, creating a risk. Unauthentic replacement boards will be a waste of money and may create problems in the long run.

List Out For iPhone Water Damage Repair

Check for any liquid indicators available with you

One of the easiest ways to check for liquid in your iPhone is to check the inside of your headphone jack using a flashlight. Usually, you should see a white or silver color at the back of the headphone jack. However, if you see a red dot at the spot, it can indicate water damage requiring iPhone water damage repair Perth services.

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Error in iPhone’s hardware

If you observe any discrepancy in the working of your iPhone’s microphone or speaker, it can be of another indication. Depending on how the water got into your iPhone, the damage may only affect a few components, such as the speaker or microphone, even if the rest of the phone is still functional.

Another indicator of water damage is overheating, which causes the phone to shut down abruptly or without notice. You may observe overheating when your iPhone is left on for some duration. Turn off the iPhone right away and contact a repair shop.

Issues with Power and Startup

The Water-Damage In iPhones not coming on at all or turning on and rebooting quickly — known as boot-loops — is one indicator of iPhone water damage. During the startup process, your phone may display a white screen. The “White Screen of Death” is the name given to this screen; if any of these symptoms appear, turn off your iPhone and seek help from a repair shop.

Messages of Caution

Your iPhone may also give you error notifications when you connect its charger or any cable to the device. Notifications may include messages of device incompatibility or unsupported format of accessory. These messages are signals that there has been water damage in one or more parts of the device. Disconnect the cable and turn off the device before handing it to a service center when this happens.

Problems with the Application

Malfunctioning device apps like Safari browser or the email app is another indicator. The apps may start and close on their own.  This symptom may occur along with a combination of other symptoms or can even be an isolated symptom. Additionally, while this symptom is present, the iPhone may freeze or pause.


Never attempt to self-diagnose a water-damaged iPhone. Inside your phone, there are no user-serviceable parts, and opening it will void any warranties it may have.

You should seek the professional services of iPhone water damage repair Perth repair centers as any attempts of repairing the device on your own could lead to other problems like damaging the device’s internal components, cracking of the external case, etc.

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