Effective Ways to Improve Your Golf Course Strategy

Minnie Jacobs

If you take a close look at pro golfers, it probably always seems like they aren’t doing any hard work. In the real sense, they are because they make smart decisions. And such decisions require lots of thinking.

Thinking is not an easy task, especially in golf.

If you play badly and rarely score well while golfing, it’s possibly because you lack a good golf course strategy.

Your aim is to increase your scoring opportunities and limit your mistakes.

However, there is far more to golf than just swinging your golf club. You have to be mentally aware of your environment and what you are doing.

Do you desire to swing with finesse and score low points as the pro’s do? If yes, the following strategy tips will help improve your overall gameplay.

Identify the Good and Bad Misses

Most top players are known to study yardage books and Google earth imagery of the next course they will play on.

This practice helps them to make some right decisions while playing the sport.

Identifying where you can’t go on a hole is part of a good golf course strategy. The fact remains that you can’t know where the pins will be placed until the day you’ll play.

You have to apply your imagination at some point. Picture three likely positions where pins might be placed and conjure a sound strategy based on those points.

Know Your Distances

This tip sounds irrelevant to many, but only a few golfers know how far they can hit the ball.

Gauging and monitoring your shots will help you limit your mistakes while golfing. Launch monitors are becoming more accessible and affordable by the day.

Get a launch monitor to measure the average distance of your shots. You can do so by taking 20 swings with each club and calculating your shots’ average distance.

Longer Shots

It is a proven fact that longer shots equal lower scores in golf, which is what you aim to get. Taking slow and careful swings so the ball can land right in the middle of the fairway is not worth it.

Be ready to take a swing at the ball with speed and momentum. Try to maintain a steady balance too.

Know Your Favorite Yardage

Like most people prefer a particular coffee brand to others, golfers have preferences regarding approach distances.

Knowing the approach distance that suits you best will go a long way in improving your gameplay.

When playing short, select a proper club by deducting your desired approach distance from your total distance, and you are good to go.

Gentle Strokes in the Green Area

To build up an efficient golf strategy, you should always take simple strokes around the green.

Gentle strokes convert to reduced chances of error: smaller strokes, smaller mistakes.

Also, whenever you are in a situation where you cannot putt, try chipping the ball.

Take Note of the No-Go Zones

Yes, the golf course is usually a large space, but no matter how large it may be, there are out of bound areas.

Identify such areas and keep a mental note so you can remember to avoid such places.


Now that you know where the problem lies, your best bet is to get in touch with a golf professional who would help you develop an excellent golf course strategy so you can enjoy golfing more.

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