Aluminum Free Deodorant: What Are They and Why Do You Need One?

Minnie Jacobs

A lot of people ask us this question – what is an aluminum free deodorant and why is it better than any other deodorant? We will try to answer this question below.

If you want to spend most of the day feeling and smelling fresh, you have to select the right product to combat body odors. It’s quite natural that people will sweat during the day. But quite often sweat causes body odor once bacteria come into play. Most people are sensitive about their body odor. In a bid to keep this in check, investing in deodorants or antiperspirants is the most obvious option.

Deodorants have been undergoing a couple of changes especially with regards to what goes into them. One type which is currently causing a huge buzz in the cosmetics industry is the aluminum free deodorant for men. Although aluminum is an ingredient found in most deodorants, many companies are switching to non-aluminum based deodorants. The same can be said about consumers, But why the change?

Aluminum free deodorants have numerous advantages over their aluminum based antiperspirants.

These advantages include the following.

Deodorants that contain aluminum work by creating a temporary coat over the sweat pores. The aluminum coat prevents sweat from reaching the skins surface. As such, the person doesn’t “sweat”. Although this might work in preventing the source of body odor, it interferes with the body’s natural mechanism of sweating. As such, the person might develop problems of the sweat and lymph glands once their cell functions are interfered with. Aluminum free deodorant on the other hand allows for the natural process of sweating take place. To take care of body odors, the deodorant neutralizes the bacteria responsible for creation of the body odors. This is a more neural way of dealing with body odors since it doesn’t interfere with the body’s sweating mechanism.

Aluminum has been associated with several health problems. Aluminum is easily absorbed into the body’s cells. When used in deodorant, the person ends up absorbing potentially harmful compounds through the skin cells. The absorption rate is increased when the person shaves their armpits. Some of the diseases linked to aluminum include breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and kidney problems. Although there isn’t conclusive evidence linking deodorants and these conditions, the fact still remains that the aluminum found in the deodorants can find its way into the body. Therefore a person using aluminum free deodorant is at lower risk of developing these health problems than the person using aluminum based antiperspirants.

Many of the aluminum free deodorants leave clothing and the skin with fewer stains than the aluminum based deodorants. Aluminum based deodorants usually leave a white residue which is usually composed of the aluminum. For people who love deodorants which don’t leave stains, the non-aluminum based deodorants will work best.

For those looking for an effective deodorant that doesn’t contain aluminum, some of the things to consider include the following.

What To Look For When Choosing an Aluminum Free Deodorant

The first thing to consider is how the deodorant works. A good aluminum free deodorant should kill the bacteria which act on sweat and also neutralize the sweat. Therefore, for those looking for effective non-aluminum based deodorants, looking at the ingredients will help a lot. Another reason why taking a look at the ingredients is important is to find if there are any aluminum compounds in the deodorant. Many of the deodorants sold as aluminum free products actually contain some aluminum. A good way to know this is by checking for words such as “aluminum”, “alum”, “minerals” and “zirconium”.

The second thing to consider is the smell of the aluminum free deodorant. Many people take this as their main guiding factor and the truth is, it should be. It is best to look for a scent that is comfortable to wear.

Finally, consider the pricing of the products. Many consumers agree that the aluminum free deodorants are a bit expensive than their aluminum based deodorants. However, if you shop around you should be able to find an aluminum free deodorant that fits your budget.

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