Your Website Is Not for You, Neither is the SEO

Minnie Jacobs

It is almost impossible to not throw yourself into the design of your new website. When we were designing our brand-new website, we made some of the very same mistakes that we see clients make on an ongoing basis. We included aspects or features of the website that we really liked, and we forgot for a moment that our demographic or audience is business owners and business professionals. For us, we are going to have to go back to the drawing board and redesign a completely brand-new website that focuses strictly on professionals, and their pain or needs for Internet marketing versus making it more fun and personal for us. I think it’s very easy to forget who you are designing a website for.

The same goes for search engine optimization, it is so often that we see customers suggest key phrases and keywords that definitely apply to their business; however, “Jahny A. Public” will probably not use the key phrases and keywords originally selected by the business owner. For example, let’s take my industry, I am a professional search engine optimization experts in San Jose, and I think that probably one of the most used search terms for customers that are looking for our services would be “San Jose SEO“. When we talk with customers about how they found us online, we find that they very rarely come to us using that exact search term. For us, the search term San Jose SEO makes the most sense as we are in the business, and search engine optimization is most often referred to as “SEO”, so would that make the most sense that companies and marketing professionals in the San Jose area would type in “San Jose SEO”?

The fact is that most of these companies or individuals that are searching for search engine optimization and Denver do not use the keyword “San Jose SEO”. When I look at the analytics for our project, most of the searchers that do come to our website are finding us through the search term “SEO San Jose”, yet when I speak with customers that have found our website online and called us they have usually used a different key term or keyword phrase. Perhaps “San Jose SEO” is so popular because it is our competitors that use this term, or maybe it is industry professionals that are involved in internet marketing. My point here is that the customers that are calling usually type in something much different like “San Jose Internet Marketing Companies“. So although we are getting much traffic from obtaining a first page ranking for the keyword “San Jose SEO”, we also have to consider other extrapolations of that keyword such as “San Jose SEO Company, San Jose SEO firm, San Jose Seo professional, San Jose search engine Optimization Company, search engine optimization San Jose, etc.”

The extrapolations or longer keyword phrases are usually much easier to obtain a page-one ranking than a one-word or two-word key phrase. Using these variations of search terms in setting up your website will help you to avoid stuffing your pages with the same keywords and give you the ability to produce more content that is actually “useful”. Ultimately at the end of the day, you are not producing the website for yourself or for Google, you are producing the website for the end-user. By developing content that is useful and has relevant keywords sprinkled throughout the content piece, you will obtain a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate from the website.

The video that I’ve included in this post is a short example of how to use keywords and keyword optimization phrases throughout your blogging campaign that will complement your search engine optimization campaign.

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