Water Based Protein Drinks For Weight Loss

Minnie Jacobs

Today, water based protein drinks for weight loss are extremely popular. There was a time when these shakes were used only by body builders who were seeking a protein boost; however weight loss experts are now considering ways to apply the benefits that bodybuilders were receiving to those that are attempting to lose weight.

Protein water for weight loss may be able to:

  •     Keep you feeling full longer
  •     Provide the protein that your body needs, without the extra calories that come from eating some meats
  •     Help muscle recover and rebuild after a workout
  •     Lower cholesterol when used to replace red meat

Proper Use for Weight Loss Purposes

Though some people choose to replace all of their regular meals with protein water for weight loss, the proper way to use them would Protein water For Weight Loss be in conjunction with a healthy diet. water based protein drinks alone would not provide the calories that your body needs each day, and should be considered a proper diet plan.

water based protein drinks
water based protein drinks

That said, they can be used to replace one meal a day, and can also be used as a snack.

Many choose to replace their regular breakfast with protein water for weight loss. This is an excellent idea, as the protein and vitamins that they contain offer a nice boost to the body firs thing in the morning. It may be most beneficial to water based protein drinks one after a workout in order to help your muscles recover.

What Are They Made Of ?

The ingredients vary by maker. However, most shakes contain one or more of the following ingredients:

  •     Milk
  •     Eggs
  •     Soy
  •     Whey

Soy tends to be one of the most widely used ingredients. Soy is derived completely from plants, and many find it easy to digest. Soy is also loaded with antioxidants, which are vital to good health.

Whey is actually the protein that is found in milk. However, those that are lactose intolerant usually do not have any issues with whey. The reason whey is so often used immediately after a workout is that the body absorbs it quickly, therefore allowing it to provide immediate benefits.

Which Type Is Best?

Protein water For Weight Loss So long as you have no allergies to any of the ingredients, you can choose any brand or flavor. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and more now make up the flavor choices. As the popularity of this product has grown, so have the flavor varieties. A focus has been placed on improving the taste recently, and many people find that these water based protein drinks are now quite tasty.

There will also be the choice of powder or ready to water based protein drinks liquid. Powders require more work, but tend tend to have a longer shelf life. Liquids are ready to go, and are easy to take along with you when you leave home.

Weight Loss Results

Those that use these products correctly should experience weight loss. Protein does indeed help you feel full longer, which may result in a caloric deficit each week. When combined with exercise, protein water for weight loss will help you build muscle, which in turn will help your body burn fat.


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