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Has the swimming pool in your beautiful Malibu home gotten rather unuseable off late?

Or does the water level seem like it has dropped off since the last time you have taken a dip in it?.

Well, no matter which affliction has struck your pool, if it hasn’t aged gracefully, then perhaps it’s time to consider a thorough remodeling.

And when it comes to choosing the right Malibu Pool Remodeling agency, we at Valley Pool Plaster like to believe that we are indeed one of the best.

We understand what a swimming pool means to its owners, and we are confident that we will be able to fulfill all of your pool care needs.

When is the Right Time to Remodel your Swimming Pool?

There are various ways as to how a pool might become unusable. Though some types of damage might prompt an immediate pool remodeling and repair, others like stagnant and cloudy water are something that can be managed by the homeowners themselves.

So, here are some of the surer signs that require immediate attention from your friendly neighborhood Malibu Pool Swimming Pool Remodeling agencies.

  1. Algae Infestation in Your Pool

Algae is perhaps one of the biggest enemies to your otherwise healthy pool. And one of the main reasons that can lead to a significant amount of algae growth in your pool is the wear down of the drainage and the filtration system.

A simple shock treatment at this point may not be enough for the job. If the pool mechanisms are compromised, then a complete remodeling might be the wiser choice.

  1. You See a Significant Decline in Water Level

Leakage in the base skeletal structure of the pool can lead to a sudden drop in the water level. A bad plumbing mechanism can also be the reason which leads to a lot of water spilling and draining out even when you are using suckers and chemicals to keep the water clean.

Re-assessing and re-building the framework by a professional would be necessary then.

  1. Damaged and Stained Floor Tiles.

Floor and deck tiles are those aspects of the pool that keep it aesthetically pleasing and attractive to their owners. Corrosion to them might lead to slippery pool floors, which is a health hazard in all respect, and stained tiles can make the pool feel uninviting to many. The implementation of robot cleaners and chlorine, may not be enough then.

Pool Remodeling Malibu

  1. Unappealing Pool Design

Perhaps your pool design has gotten along in age and has truly become an eyesore to you. Then remodeling your entire pool along with its structure may just be a perfect choice. And we at Valley Pool Plaster boast a variety of pool designs that you can choose from.

  1. You Desire a more Fun Deckside

Why not revamp your whole pool with a fun deckside accessory like a fountain, waterslide, jacuzzi or hot tub. A more attractive deck can make any backyard pool a centerpiece for any social gathering or parties.

What makes Valley Pool Plaster one of the best at Pool Remodeling

Unlike pool cleaning and maintenance, a swimming pool remodeling is a complicated task that can take up hours of hard work and physical labor. And as a Malibu pool remodeling company, we strive at nothing short than providing our customers with the best.

  1. Damage Assessment

On all our jobs, we always begin by assessing the amount of damage that has been done to the pool over the years. From checking the plumbing to the pump and the filters, we identify the corroded parts and extract them from the original structure.

This process will take up to two days, but if there is any need for expanding the pool structure, then grass and mud needs to be excavated, which might take a day longer.

  1. Applying the Steel Framework

After the damaged parts are removed, we then move on to securing the structural integrity of the pool. Our steel crew will come and set in the frameworks wherever it’s required. If the whole structure is compromised, then the entire skeleton of the pool base might need to be changed.

  1. Putting in the Pump and Filters

Even if the original pump and filters are in working condition, we would still recommend our customers to go for newer ones, which have increased performance and durability.

We will also pressure test the plumbing and see that the electricals meet the state code. And we will also be fitting in new filters – either sand, cartridge or D.E, based on their preferences.

  1. Putting in the Cement

The type of cement we use is gunite, which is a very unique dry mix, to which the water is added onsite. The water needs to be measured out as well, as only the perfect amount of it can create the ideal mix for the most robust inner shell for your pool.

  1. The Decorative Touch

After we add the cement, we finally put in the tiles and decorate the pool to our customer’s liking. And we have an extensive collection of pool tiles to choose from as well. From ceramics to stone tiles and mosaics, the design possibilities we offer are endless.

  1. Making the Perfect Deck

We pride ourselves in creating some of the most stunning decks’ money can buy. From using custom stones to stamped concrete, we leave no stones unturned in aiding our customers into getting what they want.

We even provide accessories like fire pits, waterside kitchens, slides, and waterfalls, to go with the deck.

  1. Plastering and Completion

We provide one of the best Malibu Pool Plastering Services, as we understand how important the perfect plaster finish is to the appeal of a pool. Hence, we strive to do it with meticulous precision, leaving no cracks or patches behind.

Then when the plaster sets, we cure it, fill the pool with water, treat it with chemicals and its ready for use.

Final Thoughts

As one of the most popular Malibu Pool Plastering Services, our motto is customer satisfaction with every job. And when it comes to maintaining and remodeling your pool, you know that with our experience, you’re definitely hiring the best.

Hope you enjoyed our guide today.

Till next time!

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