Understanding your Swimming Pool Remodeling

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It’s alive! Probably not a comment that you would want to make about your pool, but in order to avoid a smelly green pool, you need to have an understanding of your swimming pool and attend to its maintenance and care. Regular care and maintenance can allow you to avoid having to do major maintenance work, furthermore it should not take up too much of your time. If you are really stretched for time, consider hiring the services of an Agoura hills pool remodeling service technician to keep your swimming pool in tip top condition.

Agoura hills pool remodeling
Agoura hills pool remodeling

Regular checks save you money

The pool chemistry will involve balancing the water and testing the chlorine level, you should also look to study alternative sanitizers that you may consider using in your glass mosaic pool tiles. Maintaining the pool chemistry is one of the most important aspects of keeping your pool under control. This control is essentially important to protect the health of your pool users by keeping the pool hygienic and clean. Correct maintenance carried out on regular intervals can actually save you hundreds of dollars and keep your pool at the same high level of quality as professionally maintained swimming pools.

What does chlorine do?

You will usually sanitize your swimming pool with chlorine. The chlorine normally loaded into the basket as blocks gradually dissolves; the chlorine once dissolved into the water attacks bacteria and other organics found in the water. Once this job is done, the chlorine is neutralized. You will need to know how to super chlorinate your pool and the interval at which you should do this, most experts recommend super chlorinating the pool once a week, but you may be able to leave a longer interval in between. Super chlorinating removes the unpleasant odors associated with chlorine and the accompanying stinging effect on your eyes. Shout “Call for Super Chlorination Man” will amaze and bemuse your friends.

What type of chlorine should you use?

You may get completely confused about which type of chlorine you should use, manufacturers are constantly releasing new “whiter than white” editions, but consider for a moment that chlorine is essentially still – yes, you’ve guessed it – chlorine, and the only choice you should have to make is whether to go for 3” blocks or 1” blocks or sticks. Alternatively, you can use chlorine granules. Price does actually indicate quality; avoid cheaper chlorine blocks as they tend to dissolve too quickly and a week’s supply can dissolve in 2 or 3 days leaving your Calabasas pool remodeling unprotected for the remainder of the week. Aim for tablets that contain between 88% to 92% of Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione. Use floats of chemical feeders to introduce the chlorine into your pool.

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