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Minnie Jacobs

There are so many fabrics to choose from when looking for natural organic clothing uk for your baby. When selecting clothes for your baby, picking fabrics that are free of chemicals and pesticides is the first step.

Natural Organic Cotton

Natural Organic Hemp

Natural Organic Bamboo

organic clothing uk
organic clothing uk

Cotton is by far the most popular. It is preferred because of its incredible softness. Hemp is another good choice which is often blended with cotton. Bamboo is gaining in popularity, and does have advantages over cotton in some ways. It is a naturally sustainable crop which can be grown without using fertilizer or pesticides and it is naturally anti-bacterial, antifungal and antistatic. Bamboo also wicks moisture away from the body better than cotton which can help keep your baby’s skin drier. This can help keep your baby more comfortable in both warm and colder weather. Bamboo is often blended with cotton and lycra when used in organic clothing uk.

Wool, with its anti-microbial nature is a great insulator, yet allows air to flow through. Wool is commonly used for “soaker” covers which are the covers put on over cotton baby diapers. Wool is also used for baby hats, socks, one-piece outfits, rompers and blankets.

Regardless of the type of natural organic fabric you choose, it is already a healthier choice than the many synthetic fiber blends found in many brands of organic baby clothing uk. I have found that The Nurtured Family offers quality selections by many manufacturers to choose from. It is worth looking over the choices offered to best decide what will fit your needs.

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