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Minnie Jacobs

My goal is to have English-language blogs as SEO study material for natural search engine optimization company los angeles blog is a vehicle to learn my blogs to compete with the world on, it is not easy. Lots of seo experts who pursue the same with my keywords. But that’s okay because as a medium of learning so if you do not succeed, must learn to be more active. Learning as much as possible for member benefits to people in need. As long as we want to share the benefits to others Insha Allah will be rewarded by Him.

After conducting a series of research keywords, I define the primary keywords as the domain name that is the main keywords seo Company Los Angeles dengana seo company los angeles domain name. This blog is my first blog premises of English, I usually create a blog / website in Indonesian language because I come from Indonesia. I love to learn SEO and WordPress for 3 years. Much remains to be I learned that my search engine optimization advertising knowledge is really powerful and effective.

In this seo in los angeles ca blog you can find the SEO articles that I wrote for my study of media and also you all. In addition there are also articles about WordPress SEO, online business and social media. All yagn I write based on my experiences during the learning SEO and online business.

seo in los angeles ca
seo in los angeles ca

But I believe with the knowledge that I have learned from the senior bloggers in Indoneisa, I can be successful with this English blog. Digital marketing agency for fitness Los Angeles just the beginning I started my online businesses to target markets throughout the world. I will learn the truth about the ins and outs of this online business. After a 1.5-month-old blog there are some things I could learn. 1) the competition is more difficult 2) compete with blogs AGC 3) domain with the name of many keywords

Currently top seo companies in los angeles has aged 1.5 months, average daily traffic is 60uv/day. Still quite far from the target 500uv/day. But with the results I was grateful 60uv/day. Currently I am still struggling to increase traffic of this blog. My target is a 3 month target of traffic can be achieved.

Keywords for SEO Company Los Angeles today are on page 5 of the new Google SERP. Still need to beat 35 blog / website to grab their share to be in page 1 of Google. To compete with the SERP 3 million alone were more work needs to be in the top 10, but keywords phrase 4. I think because too many experts are scrambling the top 10 of Google, finally a bit of competition is difficult enough in a good position in Google SERP. Little competition but because of the competing all understand the science of SEO is certainly not easy.

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