Protein Powder – Should I Be Incorporating One Into My Diet?

Minnie Jacobs

There are many who are desperately struggling to lose weight. The modern Western diet is one of the many reasons why we are struggling with a very significant obesity epidemic. Many believe our diets are also contributing to other health epidemics such as Type II diabetes, depression, and chronic fatigue syndrome. As a result, many people have successfully adopted the Protein Diet in an attempt to correct these dietary problems. One question people on this diet often ask regards whether it is appropriate to use a cheap protein powder.

cheap protein powder
cheap protein powder

The Protein Diet

Protein Powder Diet The Protein Diet is based on the philosophy that modern man is eating foods that his body was never designed to eat. With the advent of systemic agriculture methods thousands of years ago, humans began to eat various foods such as wheat and other grains that they had never widely consumed before. This not to even mention what modern food processing techniques are doing to food.

Protein advocates will argue our bodies have not had time to adjust genetically to effectively process these foods. They thus argue that people should strive to eat what the cavemen ate thousands of years ago in an attempt to improve our overall level of health and well being. This means a diet high in meat and fresh fruits and vegetables, while getting rid of processed food, wheat, milk, and other modern additions to the diet. This diet has proved quite successful for many people that have adopted it.

In examining the principles of the Protein Diet, it should be pretty obvious at first that consuming any sort of protein powder is a very serious violation of the philosophy. Did cavemen have access to protein powder? Absolutely not! Protein powder and water are representative of the ultimate form of processed and unnatural food. Strict Protein practitioners would argue that this is not real food and should be dispensed with.

That being said, if one looks at the underlying science behind the Protein Diet, it might not be so bad. Many of the reasons the Protein Diet works is because many people have significant problems with food allergies. Indeed people with gluten intolerance and lactose intolerance are the ones most likely to see a significant benefit. The other reason it is successful is that the diet minimizes the use of processed food that contain excessive amounts of carbohydrates (often in the form of sugar) while being devoid of any nutrition.

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