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Glass balustrades are a work of art that lends an air of gravitas to any location on which they are erected. For those unaware, balustrades are a type of column that is architecturally altered to add an air of aesthetic pizzazz to any place that they are found. Balustrades are functional in nature, existing as they do as a form of security doors Cranbourne against falling and against small children venturing into places that they should not, as they are naturally inclined to. These days, balustrades come in various different materials, from steel balustrades, which are popular across Melbourne Western Australia, to glass; and these are especially prominent when it comes to swimming pool design and fencing. If you do choose to go for glass, then the benefit is that you can choose from various patterns and colors which you can use to cover the glass with. Thankfully for you, you are presently situated at the website of the most superior Glass & Fencing Warehouse WA for whom glass balustrading installation is an everyday activity. Our quality, cost-effective solutions come up tops on every comparison, and the quality workmanship which goes into the installation of all of our products enables us to stand out versus any other supplier in the industry. Choosing to go with balustrade, clear glass, or stainless steel rails is a stylistic choice and we encourage you to take a good look around our website and compare the many choices that are available to you as a consumer. Whatever style you go for, you can rest assured that you are buying from a reliable brand name and world-class market leader that specializes in the supply and installation of the finest quality fencing to customers all over Australia, whether a domestic home or commercial enterprise, consult with us today and ensure that you get the benefit of the highest quality service and product.

Balustrades Stainless Steel

Stainless steel balustrades equal safety plus the slick look that only this particular material is able to provide. While glass may be more suited to some, by choosing to use steel there is a statement made about a total-safety approach to life. When compared to glass balustrades, there are obvious noticeable differences, yet, as long as the gap between rails is maintained at no more than 100mm there are no legal safety issues. Such a gap makes for a child-resistant barrier that is impenetrable by all but the smallest insects. However, here at Melbourne Glass Fencing, we also provide staircase balustrades which are a Brisbane best seller all year round. Balustrades by the stairs are a useful, some may say essential, element which fit into our particular company ethos of combining the best in security with the superior appearance of beauty and class. Just because something is serving a functional purpose does not mean that if cannot also be a superior form of aesthetic wonder and art; and we are specialists in producing this very effect in a cost-effective and affordable manner. Check out the rest of our site for examples of previous installations completed by a selection of our factory trained installers.

Stair Balustrades

Frameless balustrades are great to look at as they are a seemingly technological marvel, how do they manage to stay up so well without a frame keeping them in place?! This is a question which we must frequently respond to from our awe-inspired customers once an installation has taken place. However, the superior nature of our factory trained installers means that a frame is not necessary to produce the highest quality balustrades. These sophisticated products are arrangements of panels that are kept in placed by well placed, but unnoticeable, spigots and compare frameless glass balustrades with Sydney located glass framing and you will be impressed by the difference in quality and appearance that is apparent, even to the untrained eye. Balustrades can be used for both home and commercial usage, and can be as flashy or otherwise as required. We are suppliers to all sorts of clients, and each has their own particular ends in mind. We accommodate to whatever our clients require, always ensuring fully certified products, total safety and child-resistant, durable materials that are built to withstand heavy punishment for as long as they are required. The sophisticated design of our products ensures that after installation, you will not be troubled with after sales concerns – that is a guarantee.

Glass Balcony Fencing Melbourne
Glass Balcony Fencing Melbourne

Balcony Balustrades

Of all of the suppliers of balustrades Melbourne has to offer, none come with the trusted reputation, superior brand name and cost effective, quality solutions that characterize Glass Balcony Fencing Melbourne. The balcony is one area where safety has to be taken seriously, this is true at all times as a slip or stumble could have tragic consequences. This is even more so if there is a party taking place and a guest is a little worse for wear or if a child manages to stumble out onto the balcony. Ensuring some kind of fencing safety is a must, and may we humbly suggest obtaining balustrades from us. They come in various different materials which you can request at your pleasure, but glass is a very popular choice for understandable reasons. As the specialist in this area, we ensure that all of the materials we use are of the best quality, affordable, toughened and reinforced for additional child-resistant safety. Furthermore, we recommend stairs balustrades for ease and safety from Melbourne to the whole nation. Again, a range of material and designs are possible, but whatever it is that you choose you can have the peace of mind of the quality workmanship that we always ensure.

Steel and Glass Balustrades

Steel glass balustrades combine the strengths of both of these different materials without any of the weaknesses which may seem inherent within them. People often question the wisdom of our valorization of using glass in production, yet what is usually not understood by those that bring up this question is the world-class quality of the reinforced and toughened glass that is used in installation. Glass is an affordable material which looks clean and smooth, but, with some incredible technological advancement, has become extremely durable too. On the other hand, steel has a reputation for strength, but not for beauty, and we ensure that we are sparing with materials to ensure that we leave behind a masterpiece in any installation that our factory trained installers perform. Yet, whether interior or exterior balustrades, the focus of Adelaide residents, just like the rest of the country, is finding the most cost-effective way to ensure security while considering beauty. For these considerations, we have proven time and again that versus any other supplier on the market, we are best. Compare us with the market and you will see that Australia wide we cannot be beaten on expertise, price or in the quality of our service and installation.


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