How To Get Relief From Back Pain Using Outdoor Pool Enclosures

Minnie Jacobs

Do you love swimming? Are you looking for ways to avoid back pain or neck pain during swimming? Swimming is an excellent exercise that is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. It is a great physical activity that is easy on your back and spine when done right. Many people lose weight with swimming and maintain a healthy life and fitness. Many people love working out in pool. It offers great motion to your entire body and helps one live a healthy and fit life. One needs to be very careful while swimming as sometimes it may cause shoulder or lower back injury. Too many strokes in the pool can cause injury.

Do you have a private open air pool in the garden? An outdoor pool can be bliss during summer. You can jump into the pool and beat the summer heat. If you have a pool at home and you want to prevent injuries, outdoor pool enclosures can be a good idea. They keep your family members safe around and inside the pool.

We have listed do’s and don’ts of swimming if you have back pain.

Swimming Pools

  • Prevent shear force

Swimming involves several strokes and movements that may cause shear force in your lower back. Repetitive rotating in your spine and hips may cause injury. The sensitive structures in your lower back and spine need to be protected well. Wondering how to prevent this? One should use a mask or snorkel to reduce the need to arch the back when lifting the head upwards. You can seek advice from a coach or professional trainer for the right stroke while swimming.

  • Swim “Up Hill”

One common mistake made by the swimmers is that they keep their chest elevated while swimming. You may not be aware that you swim with chest up. You may feel that you are swimming in a streamlined position. The back muscles can be in a lot of pressure when you swim in this position. Make sure that you press the chest down.

  • Forward Breathing

Make sure that you breathe in freestyle. Avoid breathing by lifting your head upwards as it increases the pressure on your back. Turn the head to the side and breathe freely to prevent injuries.

  • Try spine-friendly strokes.

The position and movement of strokes has a great impact on your spine. Breaststroke and butterfly can force your lower back to arch backward. It can add a lot of stress on your spine, which may lead to chronic pain.

  • Lift chest during butterfly

When swimming in butterfly style, you should lift your chest. Keep your head as low as possible and lift your chest. You can also use snorkel. Perfect your body roll and learn to breathe bilaterally.

  • Start with water therapy

If you suffer from back pain, but still love swimming, you can start with water therapy. It is also known as pool therapy, which helps you practice swimming in warm water. You can enjoy the same benefits as swimming, but the major advantage is that it exerts less pressure on your spine. The warm water relaxes your muscles in the body. You can exercise for longer periods with water therapy.


Every swimmer has a different style. Depending on your convenience and comfort, you can decide the best way to swim. Before you jump into the pool this summer, make sure that you have swimming pool enclosure to ensure your safety. Look for the best agencies for pool enclosures and get the right advice. It can be a good idea to get advice from your doctors or physical therapists before starting swimming. Get proper guidance before indulging in any form of swimming or water sports.

Some tips to prevent injuries while swimming

You should invest in the right swimming gears before you hit the pool. Do some research over the internet and try to find the best equipment and accessories for swimming. You can buy flotation devices such as life preservers, wet vest, and noodles to maintain your form during swimming.

If you experience severe pain or discomfort due to swimming, it is advisable to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist. Massaging the affected area can provide great relief and help you reduce the pain too. One should avoid swimming if severe pain is experienced. Discuss your medical condition with the doctor and get advice. Coaching is worth investment when you want to prevent injuries while swimming.

Some people experience skin problems when they swim regularly. Regular swimmers may also develop skin cancer. It can be a good idea to use a water resistant sun block all over the body parts that are exposed to sun to avoid sunburns. Do some research and invest in a good quality sunscreen before you start swimming. A good outdoor pool enclosure can help to prevent the harmful UV rays and avoid skin tan.

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