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Minnie Jacobs

Addicted yet?

Gyms in Fort Lauderdale no-nonsense approach to fitness penetrate every aspect of our thinking. It influences everything from the equipment we select, the staff we employ, and the classes we provide to the snack bars we sell. The fitness industry is full of fads, but in the end, hard work produces great results. Our job is to help our members realize their goals and experience for themselves the benefits of improved performance and health. Success is addictive, and we’re here to help you get addicted!

…then let us get you addicted!

Exercise should be fun! For many it is. However, newcomers often need a little shove before they realise it’s not so hard to achieve their goals. Gyms in Fort Lauderdale is launching a new series of services designed to help those who want to be fitness addicts, but aren’t quite there yet. The Roxfire Fitness range aims to keep you motivated, informed and entertained by your training.

gyms in fort lauderdale
gyms in fort lauderdale

Fitness Program: the starting point for any newcomer to a Gym is a training program to follow and build upon. Gyms in Fort Lauderdale will build you a program, which will form the foundation of your fitness routine. For further information please see here.

Fitness Classes: variety is fundamental to sustained progress. Try new activities – some will stick and some wont. Gyms in Fort Lauderdale offers a variety of high intensity fitness classes designed to augment your core program of training, keep you entertained and teach you new skills. For further information please explore the Studio section of our website.

Group Training: group personal training combines the fun of classes with the intensity and performance benefits of one-to-one personal training. Group training is a fun and affordable way to shake-up and add diversity to your regular routine. For further information see here.

Online Support: unfortunately uninformed hard work can be as useless as no hard work. However, not everyone can afford regular personal training. So Gyms in Fort Lauderdale has launched an online “asks the expert” page where our members can engage with our Fitness Team. To use this facility click here. We also use our Facebook fan page to keep our members up-to-date on our activities and the latest developments in the fitness industry.

Personal Training: personal training is the ultimate training aid! Gyms in Fort Lauderdale have a carefully selected team of personal trainers with a diversity of fitness backgrounds, from professional dance and football to boxing and bodybuilding. For further information please explore the personal training section of our website.

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