Global Paystub Maker for Direct Deposit

Minnie Jacobs

How to generate global Paystub? Global Paystub maker gives employers a direct deposit payroll solution to replace employee paychecks. If your organization prints and distributes employee paychecks, perhaps it’s time to consider ways to get more employees on direct deposit payroll. We ship payroll cards to employees at no cost and provide multi-lingual customer service and training. We also provide custom branded payroll cards with your company logo to promote your organization and increase your visibility throughout the community.

Payroll costs can range in the tens of thousands per year depending on the size of the company and payroll process. Our direct deposit pay card works with any existing Global Paystub maker and brings permanent benefits to your company and employees. We set up automatic pay card enrollment to ensure new hires receive pay cards quickly. Anyone can enroll regardless of credit or banking requirements and pay card enrollment takes 5 minutes. Learn more about employer benefits with our pay card.


Cash Debit Card

Our cash debit card benefits employees by providing a low-cost banking solution to replace payroll checks, paycheck cashing, money transfer services and personal banking fees accompanying normal checking accounts as our debit card reduces or eliminates common banking and check cashing fees. As a cardholder, you will recognize significant benefits including free direct deposit, reward points, mobile banking, no overdraft fees, and bill pay. Your family members can also enroll in our cash card and receive the same benefits.

With our cash card, you have access to secure online banking and telephone banking with access to your balance, transaction history, and bill payments. Our online banking website is easy to use and provides secure money transfers to friends and family. Our money card gives you cash access at over 32 million ATM’s worldwide and the spending capabilities of Visa. Our cash card offers generous benefits including debit card reward points, roadside assistance, pre-paid phone minutes, lab testing, imaging services, vision care, diabetes care, hearing care, and discount pharmacy.

Cash Cards

Family members can have their own cash debit card for cash access, purchases, and instant money transfers worldwide. Family money cards also give the primary account holder options to monitor spending activity and control cash for family members without the risk of a sharing one account. This is an ideal way to teach children to manage cash effectively and develop responsible spending habits without a credit card. Use our money card to transfer cash to the family online or by phone. Learn more about money card cash and money transfer.

Private Label & Custom Pay Cards

We also offer custom private label pay card branding, including a private label card website and telephone banking including bill pay and money transfers to friends and family. Employees and family members will enjoy our card benefits with your company logo. Our private label pay cards card are supported by one of the largest card processing companies in the world, with online banking technology that is Reg-E compliant, insured, and secure. Learn more about our private label paystub cards.

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