Cute Wedges Shoes For Winter

Minnie Jacobs

If I was to go shopping today, I’d probably be looking for a pair of shoes that were used. Why? Because I’m a little broke. What can I say? I’m a little Cute Wedges Shoes crazy. Thank gawd my husband works all day so he doesn’t see the packages arrive. Little tip for those of you buying under the radar, when you shop online, be sure to either a) have a post office address or b) know your postman’s time to deliver. Just a little trouble saving for you.

women's wedge shoes

Now onto the important part of this post; finding the shoes under. There are a number of places you can buy merchandise at really low cost.

1) (who offer free shipping and many different merchants)

2) who offer merchants with free shipping and some without, but more importantly offer a lot more variety for, including some pre-worn merchandise. Hey don’t knock the used gear ladies, you’re saving money and the environment!

3) Places like

black wedges shoesWhere there is a congregation of brands and they specialize in shoes only. Now why are those places so great? Well they have one thing in common. Mass amounts of shoes and all are online. Stores that are online have no storefront overhead. That means no sales staff, no monthly rent on both a store and warehouse, no decorations, no lighting and so on. So those prices don’t get marked up 200% like a department store. Another thing, online stores have lots and lots and lots of visible competition. If you go to buy a shoe, you can find that Wedges Shoes 100 places and, if you’re not lazy, at the touch of a “next” link you can find the one offered for lowest price. So those places have to stay competitive. Is it all roses and cheap wedge shoes? Nope. There are downsides to shopping online. Shipping for one. If some places offer free shipping, they may charge handling. Be wary of that pair of black wedge sandals you just bought, the price jumped 20% when you pressed “checkout” because of tacked on charges. Even if they charge no handling, the shipping costs may raise the price. Now suddenly, instead of a pair of Black Wedges Shoes, you just bought a pair of shoes. Meanwhile the place that charges shipping would have totaled out at like.

Another thing about online shops is returns. While almost every place has a return policy, guess who pays the shipping back to the vendor? Yup, that’s you. So just be aware of these things when you’re shopping online. Now onto the shoes.

I haven’t picked out a whole bunch of Nude Wedge Shoes, because I figure you can find what you want on your own. What i’ve done, instead, is pick out some great choices of black wedge shoes for under from across two websites so you can see a fairly good representation of the styles available at those prices.

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