Country and Bluegrass Guitar Tabs – A Home Guitarist’s Friend

Minnie Jacobs

If you want to entertain with your guitar, you need to stop trying to copy and play the popular songs, new or old. You will just play them badly compared to the professional, studio tracks. Try out some good old-fashioned Country Music, some upbeat Bluegrass or mood setting Blues. Just listen to this: or maybe something a little less ambitious, and you will hear what I mean.

Playing this kind of guitar, you have a much better chance to grab and hold people’s attention. You also don’t have to be a guitar genius to play some of this music. Chords, Tabs, and online Midi tracks are great resources to get you started.

blue grass music

Want to become a really good guitar player? You need some good instruction. If you have an affordable, true professional near you, that is of course first prize. But these guys are busy, rare and very expensive. And if you learn from a wannabe, guess what the teaching will be like.

Fortunately, the web offers many good music courses (and crappy ones!). These days there are dozens of the guitar courses online. I have come across a couple that I think are good.

There is one that stands out for me, If you want to learn to play entertaining guitar quickly and in bite-size chunks and build a base for becoming really good, this course just stands out. It’s called Jamplay. It uses a whole gang of pros for each genre. Their teaching methods are just great and they keep you going. There’s a lot more I can tell you, but I don’t want to spoil your fun. You can check them out for yourself, Click on the banner on the right.

Meanwhile, if you Just Want to Fool Around, Here Are Some Great Resources to Look at:

You can download the Demo version of the tablet. It is a fun program that lets you read, play (and edit) files with a TEF extension. These are files with music notation in various forms, including Chords and Tabs for different instruments… Guitar, Banjo, etc… even accordion. The files include Midi tracks so you can play the track at the press of a button while you wrap your fingers around the soundboard and bleed on the strings. It is just a great learning aid … The demo version even lets you print the Music sheets, tabs and all.

Once you’ve done that, pop over to BlueGrassTabs to choose from a variety of beginner/intermediate to advanced Bluegrass music to download in TEF format, tabs, midi tracks, etc. You can even listen to a midi exert on the page. Here’s another midi example from them.. amandajewel.mid. (Warning: This might just make you rush out and buy a mandolin!) Here’s the link to a selection of Country TEF files.

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