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Aside from the color you paint the walls, the color of your flooring is what will determine all other aspects of the bathroom design.

If you want texture or a pattern or motif, you can also select Transitional area rugs and a bathroom accessory set that all combines. One of the collections that is tasteful, has some texture, but isn’t too busy with patterns or complicated motifs is the Homestead Bath Transitional area rugs collection that is also by Mohawk Mills. The texture is subtle to add just a touch of dimension without taking over the space. You will be able to use these bathrooms sets even if you choose plain or other patterns for the rest of your bathroom vanity sets, shower curtains or even towels. As you can see in the swatches, the waves or lines in each Transitional area rug are just slight variations of the deepest color, which allows decorating options, like bringing out the softest color or the darkest and that way not having a monochromatic color scheme. The light mahogany is well suited to bathrooms with classic wood cabinets and brass or gold accents, perhaps even antique style taps and faucets. The chocolate truffle design is luscious and rich for the newest modern bathroom concepts that use brown instead of black.

Soft sage and toasted almond can be incorporated into Asian minimalist looks by using bamboo or palm tree bathroom set motifs on the vanity or as accents wherever needed. Seascape and serene blue work very well for the more traditional bathrooms that have a water or beach theme and may even be accented with deep navy tones or teal colors to bring out some richness, or can be accented with the softer pastels for a more classic bath. Lavender blossom is one of those very feminine shades that can be used in a French country or rustic bathroom theme. It needn’t be girly or floral, but it can be accented with white or even wood and brass accessories to give a light homey country feeling.

Naturally there are the retro hot pink toilet covers and tank covers and complete bathroom sets that have a slight vintage feeling, which are a very hot trend for 2010, but you needn’t feel you have to go with pink bathroom sets to get that vintage or retro look. You can choose the fluffy toilet and Transitional area rug or mat sets in a variety of fun retro colors like vintage basil green or laurel green that’s actually a grey variant. Choose antique white for a more classic look or go with simply taupe for a touch of antique elegance.

Transitional area rug

For a fun vintage or retro blue go with the stargaze blue or Excalibur for a platinum or steely grey that can be accented with chrome. For an 80’s theme try the wild vibrant purple mysterioso, and for a 70’s retro that is back in vogue go with the coffee bean brown. Get inspired by the past and then bring your bathroom into the future with bathroom shower curtain sets and Transitional area rugs and accessories that make it a place you want to be.

But how much will complete bathroom sets costs?

Complete bathroom sets cost a lot less than you might think. Here is a list of the top selling products we have discussed and what they cost:

  • The Madison Wall To Wall Bathroom Carpet sets start at $49.99-$59.99
  • The Royale Wall To Wall Bathroom Carpet By Mohawk Mills starts at just $11.99and goes up to about 89.99
  • The Cotton Reversible Bath Transitional area rugs that come in 25 beautiful colors start at just $29.99 and for really large sizes are around $120.
  • Gorgeous soft Egyptian Cotton Bath Transitional area rugs that have none skid backs are just under $30 and go up to about $120 for the largest sizes.
  • Small Tweed Bath Accent Transitional area rug sets tart at just under $20.
  • The luscious Tiffany Bath Transitional area rugs that are made by Mohawk Mills start at just under $15 and go up to about $30.
  • The beautiful Frieze collection of Bath Transitional area rugs and sets also by the famous Mohawk Mills, which are all made in the USA, start at just under $13 and go up to about $20.
  • The collection called Soho, which is a richly textured high pile Transitional area rug starts at just under $15 and goes up to just over $30.
  • The textured and subtly colored Homestead collection starts at around $14 and goes up to about $45 for the largest bathroom Transitional area rugs.
  • The Royale Bathroom Transitional area rugs that are nylon and very easy to care for are really cheap at just under $12 for the small ones and just under $30 for the largest versions.
  • The cheap bathroom set designs by Carlyle, which are cotton loop bathroom Transitional area rugs, start at just $11.99.
  • Lucious high-tecj microfiber bath mats by Verto that are about 17″ x 21″ in size cost only $17.99, and the larger 21″ x 34″ are priced just under $30.
  • The newest trendy shaggy shag Transitional area rugs in rich cotton chenille that come in the luscious chocolate brown, white and natural cotton colors start at just $11.99 and go up to around $30
  • Gorgeous thick spa microfiber mini bath mat sets are very affordable at just under $18 and come in all the fabulous colors we’ve discussed above.
  • The larger spa microfiber tub mat versions are just under $18, as are the blush pink designs, but the white and linen colors are about $23 and come in round shapes.
  • The largest natural microfiber bathroom sets are about $30 and come in beautiful shades of water blue, aloe green and gray, as well as chocolate and natural linen tones.
  • Fun yellow poppy cotton bathroom Transitional area rugs with delightful patterns start at just $18 and go up to about $21 for large sizes. And you can choose yellow, red or green poppy motifs for the same price.
  • Some other patterned bathroom accessories sets that are fun and stylish include the Croscill Spa Transitional area rugs that have leaf designs and cost just under $35, and the other Coscill Transitional area rugs that also come in soft chenille are just under $25.
  • Light and summery designs like the sunflowers bath accent Transitional area rug or the funny outhouses Transitional area rugs or the kids bathroom sets, like the Just Duckie designs, are all under $30, with some being under $17.
  • Breezy designs like the Tropical Seashell Bath Transitional area rug are just under $26 and other seasonal speciality bathroom sets with Chrsitmas and animal motifs are between $12 and $27.
  • Cool bamboo bathroom sets are priced really cheap at under $12 to $14.
  • And the retro or classic pink bathroom sets that we showed you by Mohawk Mills start at just $14.99and go up to just under $30. The Regency designs which are similar bathroom tank sets that include toilet covers and floor Transitional area rugs, and are nylon, also by Mohawk Mills, cost just a little more, between $17 and just under $35.

For more detailed information of indoor and outdoor Transitional area rugs, as well as carpet underlay, large Transitional area rugs, Persian carpets and even unusual round area Transitional area rugs and shaggy shag Transitional area rugs for any room of the house, please browse other related topics.

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