6 Tips for Safer Driving

Minnie Jacobs

When you first start driving – or when you first start driving your own car – safety comes first. This comes as no new news to young drivers, who have likely had safety drummed into them by parents and instructors for years by the time they find themselves behind the wheel. But until you’re out on your own, driving your own car, you can’t possibly understand just how many factors go into keeping yourself and your vehicle safe. With that in mind, here are 6 tips and practices for online driving lessons that can help you to keep your vehicle out of harm’s way.

1 Eliminate Distractions

The most important thing for any new driver, and particularly for a young driver in this generation, is to minimize distractions. Friends in the car, loud music, and mobile phones are all popular causes of accidents, and can all be avoided with ease. This isn’t to say you can’t listen to music or drive a friend around – just be sure that your focus remains on the road.

2 Maintain Safe Distance

Another popular cause of many smaller, simpler accidents – and some larger ones as well – is that people follow the cars in front of them too closely, and crash into them at sudden stops. This problem can be avoided easily by making it a priority to maintain safe distances while driving. If you feel that you would have to slam on the brakes to avoid the car in front of you if it stopped, you may be too close.

3 Stay Up To Speed

Equally important is maintaining distance from the cars behind you, and this practice tends not to get the same attention. While you don’t want to speed, or follow too closely, you also don’t want to linger too closely in front of cars behind you trying to drive defensively as well.

online driving lessons
online driving lessons

4 Insure Your Vehicle

Unfortunately, no amount of defensive driving can completely guarantee safety, and for that reason you should still insure your vehicle with a trusted provider. This will help you to keep your vehicle in good shape should you experience an accident.

5 Recognize Dangerous Drivers

If you see anything suspicious or dangerous from another driver – swerving, speeding, frequent lane changes, or even angry eye contact or loud music – take steps to avoid that driver. Even if you have to slow down and allow the driver to get ahead of you, this is a necessary safety measure that can keep you and your car out of harm’s way.

6 Observe Constantly

Finally, remember to look around constantly. While focusing on the tips listed above is important, it’s also necessary not to become robotic about safe driving. The most important thing is to be aware of your surroundings, so that you can avoid potentially dangerous situations and drive safely.

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