How Do You Protect Yourself While Traveling?

Minnie Jacobs

Many stories reach the public on how the use of social media has helped travelers involved in incidents abroad. Twitter, Facebook and other platforms have enabled individuals to share information with fellow travelers during security incidents and natural disasters. It is often the fastest way to get a picture of […]

How to Travel Alone Safely As a Woman

Minnie Jacobs

Female Travel Safety Advice to Certain risks hold true for both male and female travelers alike. Vehicular incident Criminal Violent attack Health issues and Disease Beach related incidents e.g. rip currents Fire – accommodations/nightclubs etc. So what risks are female travelers more vulnerable to? I believe two risks that female […]

Dress Codes for Nightclubs

Minnie Jacobs

Nightlife in Puerto Vallartais truly epic, with a reputation as of one of the best party cities in Mexico, attracting jet-set beautiful people from major urban centers like Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, to come hang with glitterati locals and visitors, for next level, Insta-worthy partying. The best nightclubs in Puerto […]

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