10 Shocking Facts About Road Safety

Minnie Jacobs

We all know that using the road is dangerous. We don’t need a load of statistics to show us that.

However, there are some numbers that really highlight major areas of concern when it comes to road traffic accidents, as well as areas where changes have made a difference for the better.

Here are ten fascinating facts about online driving lessons road safety, which make interesting as well as frightening reading.

Over a Million People Killed on the Road Each Year

Yes, that’s right. 1.2 million People are killed on roads all over the world every year. That’s twice the number of people that live in Brisbane. In Australia alone there are over 10 million collisions a year, accounting for 35,000 deaths.

50 Million People Injured in Car Accidents Every Year

Around 50 million people are injured in car accidents each year. That’s almost as many people that live in England and Wales combined. Thanks to safer designs and better emphasis on online driving lessons road safety this number has dropped over the years, but it’s still a staggering amount of people to be hurt on the road over 12 a month period.

Half of Victims Are Vulnerable Road Users

Over 50% of all crash victims are vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists. This is despite efforts to make roads safer, encourage the use of cycle lanes and promote pedestrian awareness.

Accidents Cost Countries Around 4% of GDP

Promoting online driving lessons for road safety, strains on the health system, accident investigation and road accident injury claims can cost a nation a small fortune; around 4% of its gross domestic product.

Child Seats Can Reduce Deaths by 35%

It’s unthinkable for most people to take a child anywhere in the car without placing them in a proper child safety seat. The fact that they have been shown to save around a third of lives in serious crashes backs-up this decision.

online driving lessons
online driving lessons

Seatbelts Save Over Half of Motorists’ Lives

It’s a point that will seem very obvious to most motorists, but buckling up could well save your life. Correctly used seat-belts reduce the risk of death in a crash by 61%

73% of Drivers Killed Are Male

Here’s one to settle any argument regarding who makes safer drivers – 73% of those killed on roads around the world are men. This obviously doesn’t account for the proportion of male and female drivers taking the wheel in different nations.

Drinking and Driving Costs Lives

It’s widely believed by road safety experts that enforcing a complete ban on drinking and driving around the world could reduce crashes by 20%. At the moment rules on alcohol and driving vary from country to country with massive differences in the results.

Helmets Save the Lives of Almost Half of Motorbike Riders

The law on motorcyclists wearing helmets still varies depending on where you are. But with figures showing that they save the lives of almost 50% of riders involved in a crash, there seems little doubt as to how effective they are.

Reducing Speed Reduces Accidents

It’s a shocking statistic, but for every 1 kilometer per hour reduction in average speed, there is a 2% reduction in the number of road traffic accidents.

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